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Welcome to CTF Wiki

CTF (Capture The Flag) started from DEFCON CTF, a competitive game among computer security enthusiasts, originally hosted in 1996.

CTF covers a wide range of fields. Along with the evolving security technology, the difficulty of CTF challenges is getting harder and harder. As a result, the learning curve for beginners is getting steeper. Most online information is scattered and trivial. Beginners often don't know how to systematically learn CTF, which requires a lot of work and effort.

In order to let those people who are interested in CTFs start easily, in October 2016, CTF Wiki was established on Github. Along with gradually improved content over time, CTF Wiki has received lots of appreciation from security enthusiasts, many of those are guys that we think we would never meet.

As a freedom site, primarily focusing on recent CTFs, CTF Wiki introduces the knowledge and techniques in all aspects of CTF to make it easier for beginners to learn CTF.

Now, CTF Wiki mainly contains the basic skills for CTF, but we are working hard to improve the following contents.

  • Advanced skills used in CTF
  • Special topics appearing in CTF

For the above-mentioned parts to be improved, please refer to Projects which details what are planned.

Although now CTF Wiki mainly focus CTF, it is not strictly limited to CTF topics. In the future, CTF Wiki will include

  • Tools used in security research
  • Increased discussion of security in the world

In addition, given the following two points

  • Information about technology should be openly shared.
  • As new techniques are always being developed, old techniques will start to fade over time and they should be replaced with new techniques.

Therefore, CTF Wiki will never publish books.

Finally, originating from the community, as an independent organization, CTF Wiki advocates freedom of knowledge, will never be commercialized, and will always maintain the character of independence and freedom.

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